Welcome to our video series: ABI for Year To Date Sales.

One of the most commonly analyzed areas of any company across all industries is Sales Order information.  Understanding your sales trends, current bookings, and the potential of your pipeline is crucial to managing any company.

The power of Analogyx BI to provide you with the data needed to understand the trends and details of your Year-to-Date Sales Activities.

  • View Year-to-Date Totals under Order Status (how many orders still have opened vs. closed), the Order Amount by Sales Rep, Commission Amount by Sales Rep, Quarterly Order Amounts, Order Amounts by Company (if a multi-company setup), even break it down into Customer Groups and by Customer.

  • Year-to-Date Sales can be even further broken down by Product Group, Part Number, Part Description, and even right down to the Order Number.

A complete view of Year-To-Date sales analysis displayed graphically instead of reading through boring data compiled from a dozen or more reports. That’s why companies are choosing to get visual with Analogyx BI.