Welcome to our new video series: ABI for Accounts Receivable.


The current pandemic is causing a host of concerns for business executives today, with cash flow concerns being at the forefront. The inability of customers to process invoices means that AR balances need to be managed even more closely than usual. While it’s not always easy to get the big picture view from ERP, CRM reports.


Analogyx BI provides the ability to manage AR Balances from the big picture down to the details from anywhere, anytime, and on anytime device.

Accounting Analytics at your fingertips!!!

  • Deep dive & Drill down into different ways with a complete view of your AR Balances.

  • Slice & Dice the data at the top level & detailed level balance trend over time.

  • Predict future payments and balances of vendors, suppliers & more

  • Understand the historical transaction and adjust the credit line.

  • See invoice balance by company, by the plant (including the warehouse), by country, and by sales rep, customer group and customer as well as part class, part group, part number, part description, even down to the invoice number & more

So there we have it. Quick, easy, and no unnecessary report writing. At a time like this, it’s more important than ever to maximize your data and see the full picture. Join Analogyx BI and get visual.